Our Team

Our team at specializes in utilizing blockchain technology for real estate investing. With a diverse range of expertise in product design, investment management, real estate, compliance, blockchain, and fintech, we are well-equipped to provide innovative solutions in the industry.

Gene Turano


Chris Sorenson


Ian Stiglingh


Our mission

We are democratizing access to private real estate deals, previously only accessible to the wealthy and well-connected. We utilize blockchain technology to simplify the real estate investment process, giving individuals more control over their property portfolio, and levelling the playing field.

Our vision

Investing in property has never been easier.. Just like trading stocks, we have simplified the process by allowing users to invest with just a click of a button. Our platform offers customized portfolios tailored to your preferences, whether it's a specific country, city, or even a certain type of property. As the global real estate market makes it digital transformation, we are there to provide our investors with the best opportunities.